Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Parachute Powered - 3-2-1 - Lift Off!


A motorized parachute is just what it says it is. A parachute with a little power is motor and wheels. They can get up to 35 miles per hour. Or in other form, powered parachute is a small aircraft. Think in flying a parachute motorized as inverse to the use of a regular parachute where jumping from a plane and make that gravity to take action. With a powered parachute, start on flat terrain and defy gravity by tended canopy behind you, leading to the wind and leave open parachute and the wind is starting to lift him from the ground.

The idea of a powered parachute has existed for almost 50 years. It could have been around longer but that would only have been like twinkle in eye of some dedicated flywheel. The first experimental powered parachute flew in the 1960s.It was 20 years before testing the first parachute of commercial power became disponible.Se trafficking ParaPlane that was available in the 1980s.

The ParaPlane was an original idea by Steve Snyder, an aeronautical engineer who worked on improving the first motorized parachutes (ram-air parachutes as they were known). These principles the ram-air parachutes could not travel far, fly to level, or raise.Snyder worked on the creation of a framework for the powered parachute and March 1981, completed the following marco.El step was to find a way to feed the parachute. Snyder called experts to help you and later in 1981, a couple of small motors Chrysler were added to the design and prototype 1 (P-1).

The first effort to fly was a complete success. Snyder has maintained the powered parachute flying half a minute at a speed of between 20 and 25 miles per hour.Snyder and his partners keep tweaking the machine. Worked in the control system, improving the framework design and added folding aterrizaje.El train second prototype (P-2) was finished at the beginning of 1983.When the next version, the P-3, debuted at the Sun & Fun Airshow in Florida in the spring of 1983, was a success inmediato.Se formed ParaPlane Corporation and the first motor parachute began to appear on the market.

Much has changed since 1983 and powered parachutes can now fly during 3 hours.There are courses to fly powered parachute, special interest groups associations and shops specializing in powered parachute.

The great attraction of powered parachute flight is offers a unique opportunity for solo without spending a fortune and much time to learn to fly an airplane convencional.También flight, powered parachute are relatively inexpensive to own.

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